Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just randomly point the camera and click; hope it turns out.

I just drove from Calgary to California... it was a GRIND and mostly in the dark so not a lot to look at...
BUT I got through 12 discs out of 30 of "Game of Thrones" which is pretty sweet!! I watched the sunset in Glacier national park (Montana), drove along a red-moon-lit river for 100 miles through the Clearwater National Forest (Idaho), watched the red sun rise in Oregon, got bored in Nevada and finally made it to Truckee 22 hours later.  And now I'm so amped up on caffeine, I can't even sleep!!
SO Here are some pics from the drive.... not very pretty or artistic or anything, it was just me, randomly pointing my camera out the window and hoping for the best.
crazy tunnel carved into the side of the mountain in Glacier National Park...
 very cool road, but very lame drivers. (not Mitch and Travis!! haha, everyone in front of them!)
 the road overlooked a really sweet valley.  And my windshield is dirty
 sunset at the bottom of the Glacier Park Pass on Lake Macdonald I think.

 AND Then a lot of darkness allllllllllll night.

The sunset was amazing though, a big red ball of brightness rising over the horizon.  I took some super trippy rearview mirror pics!  I have no clue how this picture happened.
 We were driving through the "painted rock" region....
 the sun on the horizon in my rearview.....
 i did not edit this pic in any way!
 and i got carried away.
 Mitch and Travis in the rearview!

 just keeps going and going and going!!
ANd now im here!! yay!

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