Thursday, September 15, 2011

going skiing!

 I spent the last week in Truckee working out, riding bikes, jumping in lakes and rivers, and enjoying the sunny weather!  And now, I'm en-route to Switzerland for SKI CAMP!
I'm already visualizing my first turns and how things felt in new-zealand, and how I can continue to get better each day.  I'm excited to get back onto snow and hit some PLASTIC!!

Here's a few pics from the last week in Truckee!!
Mountain biking with the boys!
Not running into the timer soon enough, making for an awkward-funny picture over Truckee River.

 Instead of more awkward poses, we just did the usual pose! Riding Sawtooth Rim trail.
 And finally as my last activity before flying today I jumped in the lake!  Awesome.
It's been a great week and all the mountain biking has been making me excited at the anticipation of skiing!!! Looking ahead, being patient, not hesitating and letting it run!!!!! Just like skiing! Except way harder to get to the top of the hill!
Next stop: Switzerland!

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