Monday, February 13, 2012

v a c a t i o n

Not much to say about the races in Andorra other than congrats to the girls on their awesome results!!  Wish I could be writing about my own personal great results but unfortunately I fell this weekend.  It's been a tough month or so and despite feeling awesome on my skis in training, I have yet to really throw it down in a race.  I have a week off to recharge and come back with nothing to lose for the last two world cups.

Here are a bunch of pics from this weekend!!!!
I checked out the resort from a different view.  Here you can see the road to France on the left and the race hill on the right!
 This cool old barn was the destination I wanted to reach on my walk.
 old door obsession!
 Looking back in the direction towards the city of Andorra.

 birch trees in Andorra?? sweet.
 View of the race hill on the left, the bridge connecting the resort to the mountain in the middle, and the barn I walked to on the far right.

 MP ripping through the wind!
 watching second run
 Yeah Mitch! Another great result! 
 After the GS race began the long drive back to Barcelona.
We were on a bus with a police escort.  
I took some pics through the tinted window and they all look kind of green......
 MP and I in the front!!
 passing some funky trees.
 three way ipod with Resi and Mp.
 listening to chill beats together... Talking too loud.... and then crazy marathon shopping in the airport!!
Fun times with fun girls!

AND now I am on VACATION!!!!!

I am spending a week away with my parents and Marco in Verbier.
On our way we stopped at Lac Leman for lunch and I took some sweet pictures!! The timing was pretty lucky!! crazy birds!
 birds going wild on Lac Leman.
 Got a little carried away, but it was beautiful and the birds were hyper!
 funky trees.
 and the final destination. Settled in at sunset.


  1. My husband and I were delighted with our guide. She was very knowledgeable and passionate about the cultural destinations in Barcelona. We visited the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and the Barri Gotic all in one day but it never felt overwhelming as she paced us well and took breaks as we needed (what with me being 7 months pregnant!) Her English was excellent and she always took the time to answer any whimsical questions about Catalan language, life, and whatnot that crossed our minds. A must if you want to experience Barcelona in the most in-depth way possible!