Friday, February 10, 2012


After a super early morning yesterday, a long windy desert-mountain-like drive through Spain and then into Andorra we finally arrived at our final destination!! It's beautiful here.  We are in an amazing hotel with one of the sweetest spas I've ever seen!! And lots of mini-shampoo's to go around! 
It seems like Andorra has put in tons of time and effort to accommodate us, everything is awesome, except for the wind that's been howling like crazy, causing today's GS to be cancelled.  So, the slalom race has been rescheduled for tomorrow!  I'm excited to race on a Saturday for once! 
Flying over Europe....
 Flying over the Mediterranean Sea into Barcelona
 From where we eat lunch, we look out right onto the final race pitch.
 Erin and I tried to watch the race today before it got cancelled!! Ran into my good old friend Milka Cow.
 Everything at the base of the resort it about the world cup race!!  Very cool!
 and then looking back at the town...lots of really nice new developments. 
 Taking shelter in the gondola building and still watching the hill to see any changes.....
 Once cancelled, we walked around a bit.  Next to our new favourite coffee shop is a tiny old church nestled between new and old buildings.
 peeking in a barn
 the church
 ahhh. warmth at last!

 Catching up on british gossip in Andorra and who do we see?? Chemmy!
 SO Posh!!!!
 Peeking in the church


 MArtin and Tim chilling in our sweet hotel.
 Thanks Andorra!!
Ready to race tomorrow!!

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  1. Hahaha, good luck for the driver who brought you from Barcelona to Andorra! XD I hope you liked the small country in the Pyrenees! :)

    Since the organization, we are also saddened by the cancellation of Friday wind. In the afternoon the track was perfect and without wind, shame! :( I hope tomorrow will be a good day! :D Good Luck!

    PS: Nice artistic pictures!! ^^