Thursday, February 23, 2012

thank you verbier!

The vacation week has come to an end.  There were so many awesome moments and the time flew by! Thanks to my aunt and uncle, my parents, marco, Andew and Andrea for making the trip so much fun!!
Now back in Germany and back to work! Starting to ramp everything up for the last two world cups.

Some of my dads pics....
Marco and I riding the tbar.
 dual powder!
 lunch stop!
 taxi back to the hill after skiing down to the valley.
 Big lunch!!
That was fun!


  1. I kind of love those pictures. So glad you guys got to hang, just sorry we missed you in Europe! xo

  2. Great pictures as always!! Wish I would have taken a picture of your mom walking down Killarney on her way to the village in her new ski boots!! "breaking them in" for the trip! Your wonderfully positive attitude is a gift.... Never lose it!
    Mandy (on Killarney)