Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jan is my idol.

Watching Jan win in Chamonix this week was definitely a highlight.  The speed guys completely stepped it up and landed some amazing results this past weekend and it was really fun to watch.  Totally inspiring.  I was in need of some serious inspiration and they one-upped anything I could have imagined!  It's been a bit of a struggle this past month racing, but in training I feel as though I continue to get better and better.  I'm staying positive, keeping the same goals, and getting really excited to race some more world cup next weekend in ANDORRA!  I've seen varied results from the speed guys this winter which goes to show that anything can happen at anytime, you just need to believe!  After two days of rest and some regrouping, I'm ready to get back on snow tomorrow and keep working towards the top.

Here's some pictures from our adventures through Italy and Austria as the frigid weather continues.....
Driving over the Dolomites, just past Cinque Torri where the mountains seemed to have missed all the massive snow storms.
 lonely cabin inspired by one of my new favourite websites:
sounds scandalous, but it's just awesome cabins in beautiful settings!
 CRACKED and colourful in Italy.
 SuperG Superstar MPP and I watching the second run of the second race!
 ....just chillin in the SHADOW.
 Fanny! rockin the rhein power and the volkl's!
 Tom, Martin, MP, and Jim hanging in the finish!
 Tim, doing official coaching things....
 and Jim
 and Jenny!! One of her many new skills as our physio: "massive clothing bag carrier while skiing down steep slopes" which nicely pairs with "bus driver over icy mountain passes" and the most important "24-7 chocolate supplier"...  Her resume after the last two years has truly diversified....
 One thing I will both miss and not miss from Italy is the amazing pasta!!!  Tastes so amazing that this massive plate seems like no big deal for an average lunch.
 We said goodbye to the ancient buildings, delicious pasta and cheap coffees and returned to Kirchberg!
 I was in need of some reorganization....
***the wine is for my parents!! hhaha!
 and some ghetto sink-bathtub-shower laundry....
All nicely capped off with an awesome spa day thanks to the amazing Stanglwirt hotel.
feeling happy and refreshed!

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