Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Rainy, snowy and warm days have begun; spring is really around the corner, but our season still has some major events coming up!  We are gearing up for this weekend's worldcup in Oftershwang, Germany; practicing hard snow, soft snow, wet snow, salty snow and any kind of condition available in anticipation for whatever Germany has in store!
I raced in the rain in Lenggries, trained under the HOT sun in Bad Weissea, and now some flat-light here in Kirchberg.
here's a pic from my window

other than the rain and snow... I bought some sweet euro toothpaste the other day and guess who was on the box staring back at me? none other than marlies schild and benni raich! ha, amazing.  Being a skier in Austria really seems to have it's perks...
 Is this what I would look like if I was austrian??
Or if I won the contest....
Mach' mit! Whatever that means!
Me doing my best Austrian toothbrushing impression.

And, when not watching it rain/snow or toothbrushing austrian style, the girls and I have been bonding over some intense card games!! This is a new one I learned from my cousin in Verbier, the name is too scandalous for my blog, but in Marco's PG terms, "poopface" could be another less offensive name of the game.
this is me, losing.

And we received our "Believe in Sarah" and "Remember Sarah" stickers from .  A knee-rehab friend of mine in Tahoe, Michelle Parker created a way to honour and remember the memory and life of Sarah Burke; here's an excerpt from the page I have linked above:

"Sarah was a true pioneer for this sport that I am so incredibly passionate about. I owe a lot to her as she helped pave the way for so many more and me. Who knows if I would have had all of these amazing opportunities if it weren’t for Sarah. She was driven, enthusiastic, strong willed, a hard worker, and my hero.
In memory of Sarah and as a small thanks to how she has inspired me I came up with an idea to sell stickers to help raise money for her fund. Sticker Pack has generously donated thousands of stickers. Kaya Turski created the sticker design. ALL of the proceeds made from these stickers will go to Sarah’s outstanding medical costs and related expenses through her husband, Rory Bushfield."

We all put them on our helmets and will be racing the rest of the season with #believeinsarah and #remembersarah in honour of Sarah Burke and our mutual love for the sport of skiing in which she was such and inspiration.

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  1. Haha, 'poopface' is pretty accurate, though. ;-)) Love what you guys are doing to honor Sarah Burke's memory.