Wednesday, February 8, 2012

this blog post is slightly ridiculous.

We're off to Andorra early tomorrow morning!! I'm excited to see a new country and a new race hill.  I've ran out of all my accumulated free shampoos from some of the fancier hotels we've stayed at this year, and today I actually used some euro body wash which left my hair feeling dirtier than before my shower.  So, hopefully we'll get lucky in the swanky hotel department!!
But seriously....
Skiing has been great, it was fun to be back in Kirchberg skiing on the Gaisberg beside (THE) Mike Janyk.  It's always fun to run into the guys and hear some new stories!

Otherwise, here's my one story from today travelling from Kirchberg to Zurich....
hanging out in "JUMPY" our massive bus that Jenny beautifully manoeuvres through traffic, over mountains, through snowbanks...etc.  I was kickin in the back, trying to hear the speakers up front blasting my favourite Euro radio station "hitradio O3" and also trying to feel some of the (front only) heat.... bundled up in JUMPY!
 Pro Jumpy driver!
 Got bored while on board and broke out some origami skills.
 Erin then PIERCED my crane's wings and make a beautiful garland for JUMPY.
 what a day!!!
This whole post was a joke, so here's a few more to add to it!

I thought these s*** skiers and ski racers say were funny!
...maybe this guy will check my blog one day!! haha!

And skiers.... also pretty funny!!

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