Monday, December 12, 2011


Just arrived in Panorama yesterday for a couple of norams before the worldcup this weekend in Courchevel, France!  It's nice to be around the whole team again and to watch the speed race today.  A huge shoutout to Larisa on her amazing comeback into racing this week; a lot of hard work and patience has payed off! She's ripping!  
After our early morning training session and a couple of Lusti coffees I headed to the finish of the Super Combined to cheer on some of the girls racing!  There was a cool rainbow cloud on the walk up!
 We were wearing our sweet new team jackets!! Nice and WHITE!
The cheering squad!
 OH MON DIEU!! MP won!  She was soooooo happy
 what a champ!
 le finish area.
 anddddddd i took way too many pics.
 and, jenny's the best!
that's all!

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  1. You know Anna, the street we grew up on was named Courchevel, so that means extra luck for you! Yippy!!!