Saturday, December 17, 2011


SNOW is dumping like crazy here! Nonstop since we arrived last night... this morning was shocking to get out on skis! Everything is covered in at least a foot of powder! I had one awesome free-run in the powder, inspected the course, and then the race got cancelled.
Here is a view of some of the girls waiting to inspect....
 After inspection.....
After the race was cancelled we went for a second breakfast and some coffee.  I opted out on no more skiing since I tweaked my back at the norams the other day, but from the smiles on the girls faces after their powder adventures it seems like it was amazing out there!
Oh well, my back is getting a lot better which is really great!
MP and I went on a walk instead.... here's what it looks like outside of our hotel!
 That car is screwed.
 The atmosphere here is hilarious!! All the bands from the worldcup were walking around town playing crazy music in outrageous costumes!!!!
 Good times.  Excited to hopefully race tomorrow!

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