Sunday, December 4, 2011


It's the 7th annual "beaverfest" where friends and family of Marco's flock to Beaver Creek to cheer on the worldcup and have an amazing time.  
This year everybody really outdid themselves with the Marco Rocks theme.... we had fanny packs, hats, stickers, foam fingers, and awesome signs.  Fun was had.
EXPERT: aka Marco Rocks

 stickers everywhere!! haha!
 Some Park City racers may have one-uped all of our posters with their amazing Marco poster!! Awesome.
 I forgot to mention that we even had a mascot... our very own beaver!!!
 Chelsea the organizer sister extraordinaire of the whole weekend.  THANK YOU!!
 Tahoe girls!
 Made it to the stands!
 Keelan had the greatest outfits ever.... here is just one of them as he admires the finish area.
 Shannon and her poster!
 warm up before the race!

 Jim was BEaverfest "rookie of the year"... very well deserved after wearing that costume around all weekend!! 
 The finish area filled up quickly... it was PACKED.
 MARCO god.
 The Canadian contingent!! 
 Family photo at the finish...

 he's a big deal
 So are these three, they pretty much run the whole show and make sure that everybody is having FUN
 i'm proud of our cheering skills...we really stood out again this year!!!

Another great weekend at Beaver Creek! Thanks again to Chelsea, Trevor and the whole crew for putting on such a good show!!!
These weekends make me wish there was a world cup slalom in Canada!!! 

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