Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas!!

Merry Christmas to everybody!

We've been hanging out in Saafelding all day resting up for the next few days of training! Last night Maddy, MP and I went on a Christmas tree mission so that we could have a tree for our gift exchange!!

Great Success!!  we left it in front of Jenny's (our physio) door as a christmas surprise! haha.
After sprucing up our room all day we were ready to break it out for the big "white elephant" gift exchange !
 Mitch drew one of the first numbers.... opening her first surprise!! 
 I chose the best one!!!! 
An amazing chocolate/marzipan Canadian ski chick!
 She even has Head skis and Leki poles!! Thanks Martin!!!!!!
 Jay was trying to pawn off parts of his gifts, but jenny won't have it!
 ahh good times!!! And our sweet tree!
 Hope everyone had a great holiday!!! 


AND a bunch of pics I took while hanging out with Marco in Sankt Lambrecht for a few days!

 fluorescent gates...
 That's Marco!! Can you tell?

 crazy people getting drunk in 1494!!!

That's it!! Happy Holidays!

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