Saturday, December 31, 2011

lienz and some other stuff

I don't have much to say about lienz, 9th at the top interval, 50th at the bottom interval, combined time of SLOW not qualifying....
It's disappointing, training has been going great (like my first 30 seconds of the race) and I am really looking ahead to the next races to redeem myself!  
On another note,  it was sad to say goodbye to Sarah Schleper as she retired at Lienz.   Her final world cup run was really touching, especially the part where she picked up Lasse half way down the course and came through the finish line with him.  I guess it represented her next step in life, building and focusing on her family.  It was really fun to have her around, we shared some hilarious crazy fun memories and lots of laughs.   Her energy will be missed!!
Here's some pics from the cool town of Lienz and all it's CHristmas lights!!

 Bib draw crowd!
 time for a hot chocolate!

 massive tree
 early mornings training at Hinterreit

 The final picture of my secret santa gift from Martin.... right before we DEVOURED her.
 mmmm Leki poles.
 mmmmm podium..
That's all!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TONIGHT!!! 
Maddy and I bought a ton of amazing fireworks!!! yipeee!!!!!!  

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