Monday, May 9, 2011

if you've never driven across Canada, this may be of interest.

The cross country drive was a success! For the most part it was beautiful scenery, random weather, and many hours spent listening to the audiobook "Dune".
THe beginning. Shadows and fields!  Quebec.
 First night sunset in Sault Sainte Marie!! Thanks to the Actons for their hospitality and sweet apres-dinner beach walk!
 Lake Superior!
 More of Ontario the next day and funky clouds.  We drove from the Soo to Winnipeg!  It was AMAZING! So pretty and so much to look at and marvel at this amazing country.
 A lonely piece of rainbow in Manitoba.
 Flooded fields. 

 LOts of rain storms!
 Crazy clouds and storms ahead.
 The worlds largest Teepee apparently!... Medicine Hat.
 And finally, the final stretch to Calgary with a huge storm cloud sitting above it.  I saw snow. For real.
Anyway, I took some other pics with my "nice camera" but we have yet to settle into an apartment so the camera is in my car with the rest of my LIFE!!
In case this blog wasn't boring enough, I have even more pics to post in the near future!!!haha!!
Testing was today and it went well for 5 weeks post-op!
More testing tomorrow and the sun is out!!

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