Monday, May 23, 2011

Amazing Long Weekend in Fernie.

Last week was our first official week of training in Calgary!  Everything with my hip is on track and it was a really good start to the summer program!!
Between workouts I've been doing some GARDENING!!! Trying to make our little place look ALIVE!

FOr the long weekend, I headed to Fernie with Jenny to meet up with Em Brydon, Anna Prchal and Anne-Marie Lefrancois!! It was so great to see the girls and the weekend was jam packed full of fun times thanks to these amazing ladies!
Of course, we hit up the bakery!! yummmmmyyyy! 
 We practiced my new mountain biking pose!!! (Em and I)
 ANd then Mountain Biked for real!
 Beautiful backdrops.
 And sipped on iced americano's after a hard bike ride!
 THEN, we got aggressive with some tools and made this game "washers"!!!!
We are true carpenteristas!
 So proud of my carpet cutting!! haha! 
 And then we tested it out and it was awesome!
 And finally, TOday's main activity was arts and crafts.
This was what I came up with....
 All of our art to decorate Em's apartment.
 super artistic pom-pom.
 and we had a four-person canvas at the end....
 and then we made anna's belly into a canvas!! Junior was happy!!
 tres natural. going with the flowwwwww.
 And each handprint! Em's place is gonna be so amazingly decorated now!!
 It was an awesome weekend of mountain biking, jogging along the water, bbqing turkey burgers, arts and crafts, and catching up with amazing friends!!
Back to training tomorrow early!!!! 

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  1. Sarah and RussellMay 24, 2011 at 3:02 PM

    Anna your flower boxes will be happy if you water them at least twice a week. And maybe some plant food once in a while. Water early in the am for best results.

    Love Mom