Sunday, May 15, 2011

First week in Calgary, first golfing, first mtn biking, first jogging!

It's a week of firsts for me!  It's my first week of officially living and training in Calgary for the summer.  I was cleared to take my first (short) jog, I hit golf balls for the first time in a LONG time, and we hit up the trails in Canmore for some mountain biking for my first ride on my brand new OPUS mountain bike!! 
All these firsts have been fun and exciting and a sweet way to start the summer off!
Posing part-way through our mountain bike excursion yesterday....
MP, Britt, Graham, Mitch and me.
 mountain bike pose.
I think yoga should use this one.
 hahahuihihihehaioha we are having so much funnnnnnnnnn
 nice to be back in the mountains
 EXTREME biker gang poses.
 Apres bike-rides and work-outs lounging area in our backyard.
Our sweeeeeet walmart lounge chairs. 
 Our garden is blooming!!!!
 Lup and I went golf pro.
 And of course, chilling on terraces!!
Kelly and Erin relaxing over coffffeeee!!!
It's been a busy and fun week!! A great start to what should be a great summer of training!

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