Tuesday, March 27, 2012

crazy awkward hilarious tearful fun retirement day.

 On Sunday I raced my "last" official race with the team (plus spring series this weekend!).
I had an awesome first run and was sitting within a tenth of Mitch who was in first place!!  Second run was not so awesome, the nerves (and ruts) got the best of me and my attack mode went from "aggressive" to "just finish."  I was determined to finish my final race and made it down sloppily and raggedy but finished in (a far) second! It was my first medal and Canadian Championships!
It was fun to stand on the podium with my two great friends Marie-Michele and Maddy!! Good times!
Here's a pic from second run.
 After the second run I grabbed my BANANA costume and ripped back up to the top to take my third and final run!  The race organizers were nice enough to let me close the course.
The run was  HILARIOUS.
I was giggling the whole time and could barely see where I was going!
Britt followed me with a gopro and Keith put together a hilarious video about the whole thing which I linked below.
Jay told me not to "slip" and to try to "produce" a good run.... ah ha
Everything was going somewhat smoothly UNTIL I SAW MP.
You can see her had sticking out ready to high five me as I pass.
I made eye contact through the small hole in my banana and approached her for the high five....
instead of it being super cool and smooth, I straddled and BAILED in front of everyone standing there, lost my ski, and pretty much almost peed my pants from laughing so hard.

I eventually made it down and was greeted my tons of local ski racer kids with flowers, my teammates, coaches, and friends.  It was so cool, one of the greatest moments of my career for sure.

Here's Jay's version of the run.... ha!

 lots of laughs.

After all the craziness of the BANANA RUN, we headed to an awesome FAST and FEMALE event!
It was so much fun to get glitterized, giggle, dance and laugh a lot more.  The girls were awesome and everyone left there with sore cheeks from all the giggles.
My team was called "LES CHATS FEROCES"  (the fierce cats!)
 we learned a hip-hop routine, which I am sure the girls and I will bring into real life....
 a unicorn barfed on erin
 woohoo! fun fun funnnnnnn
Such a great day, I will remember it forever.
Especially when has been documented like this!!(THanks Keith and Britt!!)

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  1. Thank you Anna for inspiring an entire generation of ski racers. Enjoy retirement, and sit back and watch the continued team success that you helped build.