Saturday, April 7, 2012

HELI SKIING at Mike Wiegele's!

I've just had three amazing days of heli-skiing at Mike Wiegele's.  I can't thank him and his whole staff enough for the AWESOME time!! So many epic runs, crazy beautiful scenery, and fun people.  I could not have capped off this season in a better way.  
 The crew: Jan and Phil Hudec, Hans Grugger and Ingrid!
 looking back at the heli

 I love the way the trees look

 Hans taking air!
 crazy boys!

 heli taking off reflection in Phil's goggles...
 Phil showing us what's cool.
 powder mushrooms
 takin charge of the helicopter!
 yeah! Phil Hudec, Jan Hudec and ME!

 I was a little obsessed with his goggles!! But you can see the helicopter waiting for us in the distance!
 Best Dressed: Jan aka Hulk Hogan
 SO SUNNY i can barely keep my eyes open!
 awesome crew!
 crazy sky-snow-sun colour contrasts
 Today, my last day, I got the real VIP treatment with Hans and Ingrid.  We had the 5 person helicopter to ourselves and we crushed 21 runs and skied 42000 vertical feet!
 it was A M A Z I N G
 Our awesome pilot Andrew!
 cloud as the heli takes off
 vast snowfields.
 crazy cornice that we skied around
 what an epic memorable day!
:) from ear to ear


  1. Hey Anna,
    Looks A M A Z I N G indeed!!
    Great pics as usual, must admit paused on first "goggle" pic (mesmerizing), then had good laugh when got to 2nd goggle pic and saw your caption.
    Glad to see you are having so much fun in such an incredible place with good friends. So HAPPY to see Hans in action, say "hi" from diehard WC fan who was seriously praying for him after accident. Way to shred Hans, God Bless you!
    Anna, appreciate the post during much deserved holiday for you. Would not have been surprised if you had got that helicopter off the "pow" as can see your elation in this adventure.
    But don't forget Arctic Man next week- see you there in AK right (ha ha)?!
    Take care, be safe, Happy Easter with many blessings to you & yours.
    Upstate NY "ski" fan

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