Tuesday, March 6, 2012

back in SWEDEN!! :)

So happy to be back in Sweden.  I love this country, I had my best result here, and to be here again after Erin's win makes it that much cooler! Her win was huge.  It seems like it's just been a matter of time until one of us finally broke through and landed on the podium (not to mention THE TOP of it...!).  Our team is fast and strong and happy and I am sure it's far from the last podium for the Canadian women tech skiers!  SO with that said, another of many HUGE congrats to Erin and Mitch on their performances last weekend.
It was super fun and inspiring to be there with everyone to celebrate ERIN and it has left me hungrier than ever to take my racing to the next level.  I told the coaches I would win second run, I came second by .09 and plan to charge that way on Saturday.  Can't wait to put it all out there and have some more fun.
 love the red houses
 save the polar bears.

 cutest shops everrrr

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