Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mitch Podiums!!

Wow, another amazing weekend for the team.  Mitch got her first podium, it's been a long time coming and I couldn't be happier for her!! The funny thing is, going into the race I thought she would get on the podium, after her second run I knew she would, and when she actually did it didn't even seem so shocking, more like "obviously!!!"  She finally broke into the top three and it was fun to be there with her and the rest of the team to celebrate.  I personally had a crazy run, one huge mistake coming into the flats sealed the deal that I would not make second run.  It's a frustrating way to end the World Cup season BUT last week's second run gives me confidence going into the final norams and nationals this week.
Here are some pics...
The moment she knew that she would be on the podium!!
 hugs and celebration all around
 Team podium picture!!

I'm off to Quebec today and racing for the next two weeks between norams and nationals! Excited to get into all four disciplines again.

I also want to express my condolences to Nik Zoricic's family.  It has left me sad and confused; it's something that should never have happened or happen.  I am thinking of his teammates and hoping that they are going to be ok. When you are on the road as often as we are your team becomes your second family. He was such a passionate slalom racer and I'm sure that he carried that amazing energy over into his ski-cross career.  Rest in peace Nik.  

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