Thursday, January 5, 2012


The race in Zagreb was OK.  My skiing was average and not up to par with my training, but this is the best result I've had here in the last 4 years and that makes me happy.  Three years ago I left this race in an ambulance with a broken thumb followed by surgery, two years ago a torn knee two months before the Olympics, and last year a minor concussion.   It's a weird spot for me, I think the city is awesome, the crowds are energetic and the hill is nothing crazy, it's a hill that I should be very well suited for.  Either way, Zagreb has left me with some of the biggest challenges to overcome in my career, which I feel like I finally have!  I am skiing fast, races have been up and down but overall I feel like I am back to where I left off two years ago before tearing my knee, or better.  It's been a bumpy few years with three surgeries in three years, lots of rehab, lots of "return to snow's" and lots of great improvements with myself and my team.  I'm excited for a healthy and strong 2012 and to continue working my way up the ranks in slalom.
photo from alpine canada/ pentaphoto.

And a video from the top section of Lienz where my splits we're fast.

Here are a few more pics from sunny warm Zagreb!
Graffiti LEVITATion!

 At the farmers market.

AND our tribute video to Sarah and her ROARS.  we'll be missing her!!

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