Sunday, January 29, 2012

Melschee Frutt....

Since I have not been carrying around a small camera, I have limited random pictures from our adventures.  We left Kirchberg the other day for Melschee Frutt, took a few detours, crossed a snowy mountain pass, saw beautiful views of untouched white mountains, and finally made it to a Monastery/hotel in Sankt Niklaus Switzerland.  There was a huge church attached to the building, shared toilets and showers for each floor, and nuns walking around all smiles joking with us in german!
It was interesting!! As were the races.  The first day we got amazing weather and a pretty competitive race.  I think I skied pretty well, not the greatest but it felt good to have some decent race runs.  The second day was a whole different story.  It was a night race starting at 5:30, due to rain and fog the race got pushed back to 6:30pm and the start was lowered.  The first run was a 35 second super open race, the second run was a 45 second tightest-thing-I-have-ever-skied run that was still going around 10pm.  Unfortunately I was a DNF.  It was a weird race and i'm not looking too far into it. 

 It was an entertaining weekend and I was pumped when we randomly stopped to get gas on the way home and I got to see Marco's Garmisch run!

View from the nunnery at night........foggy and SNOWING!
 Daytime view!
 And the same view when we left on a snowy morning!!

With no internet I finally stickered-up my new helmet.  I added a few more to it than the last one!  

Old on the left, new on the right! It's a colourful forest!
 Hanging in the lobby with the nuns!!!!!
Good times!
We left Switzerland, crossed Lichtenstein, lunched in Innsbruck and made it over the Brenner to Pozza di Fassa for some AMAZING pasta and some upcoming slalom training!

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