Thursday, January 19, 2012


I've just spent the last four days training at Hinttereit, near Saalfelden in Austria.  It's a sweet place to train not only for the awesome views of the Austrian Alps, but for the quality of the snow (hard and icy) and the high caliber of people to train with.  We trained slalom with the Swedes, beside the Austrians.  Whether you're on the t-bar, at the bottom or at the top, there always seems to be someone good to watch for some inspiration.  It felt great to get back into things after the short break, and now we're in Kranska-Gora, Slovenia for this weekend's world cup !  
I broke my camera last week so I've been mooching some pics off JS and MP!

Julia and I getting ready to rip up some slalom!
 warm up!
 DRYLAND!! jogging through the snowy fields!
 And a mini-preview of our next amazing movie!!!!
featuring ONE PIECES!! (of norway.)
 ninja style!!

The girls have GS saturday,slalom Sunday, and the men race KITZ this weekend!!!!!

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