Monday, January 9, 2012

it's good to be home

A couple days ago aliens landed in the middle of lake tremblant.
it was crazy
it was -20, I had wet hair and a tshirt, and slippers on when I sprinted outside to take this picture.  I didn't really have time to think about making this photo epic, but it was an awesome sight to see and the pics turned out ok! 
Another cool thing was the full moon on the horizon with crazy clouds.

Christmas was still in full force at home!  I think I know where my pinecone obsession comes from....haha
a doe, a deer!
 A real tree with real decorations!!
we went SKATING under the full moon!! 
I think the aliens found us!!!
pure talent and skills.
good times.
on another note...
some pics from the bib draw in Zagreb where we (and our sparklers) cheered Mitch on!

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