Sunday, October 23, 2011

The world cup season has begun!

Before all my random pictures, I just want to say congrats to Mitch and JP for their performances this weekend in Solden!! They both charged hard and started their season's off positively and with valuable points!! 
AND Marco's men's race picks on came in 2nd for the men!!! Our combo team is named slasher.... My women's picks came in 400th.... So I think I'll leave the betting to him from now on!
Otherwise, we've been training a bunch and enjoying the beauty of Lake Tahoe!
It's so clear it's ridiculous.
 and turquoise. 

 We went down to Marco's moms house to pick pumpkins from her pumpkin patch!

 ski inspired pumpkin....
 Giants fan......
 And the "Lucky me farms" pumpkin, named after their farm/garden business!

 lit up!
 The lake lit up!!! But there's been no moon lately so it's pretty DARK...
 But I tried anyway!
GOod night lake Tahoe!

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