Monday, October 17, 2011


Montreal camp wrapped up last Friday and I hopped on a plane to Salt Lake Saturday, rallied to Bear Lake (with a quick stop at Walmart for some tie-dye and XXL marshmallows) to meet up with part of the Beaverfest / Smith river crew!  It was sooo nice to get outside, sit by the fire, roast my XXL marshmallows and hang out with fun people!

 Upon my arrival I wasn't quite convinced that I would see anymore fall colours after leaving the East... but little by little the colourful trees started appearing!! Just like at home.... sort of.
 While the others were out extreme kayaking and moto-ing, marco and I made our way up to the Minnetonka Caves which were locked. cool.
we checked out the foliage instead...


 this one's for MP!

 Like my love for birches, I also love Aspens!!!!

 make like an Aspen.

 Since our Minnetonka cave expedition was a fail, we just roamed around and enjoyed the colours of fall!
 I put it in it's place.
 What better way to finish off a relaxing day outdoors than with afternoon tie-dying!!! I think Shannon wins with her moto glove!
 Her shirt started out looking awesome, until it got rained on all night and ended up as a dark massive dyed mess.... BUT it really had potential! Plus double glove....
 THanks guys!!!!


  1. ha !!! thanks for the leaf picture : )
    and your camera is freaking amazing .... love the one with the bonfire!
    ciao bye

  2. That was fun! You are an expert planker now! xo

  3. This made me laugh out loud... the tumble weed part especially, and I guess the planking. Planking is just so FUNNY