Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving CANADA.

The colourful weekend has flown by and tonight it's already time for some TUrkey dinner and tomorrow we are back in the gym!!  To top off the weekend, I woke up early this morning and headed up Blueberry hill, the mist was still clinging to the base of the hills, and the colours were poking through.  It was amazing, and I didn't even bring my camera!! I kind of wish I had, but at the same time it was nice to just enjoy the moment.

Anyway here are tons of pics from the weekend!! I even got crazy and made a panoramic one. yeah.  View of Lake Tremblant.
 MP and I went on a 3 hour kayak mission.  Getting our arms jacked so that our starts will be faster!!
 so craaaazzzayyyyy
 We paddled up the Cachee, until we could paddle no more... and then we ditched the boats and explored for a while.
 pretty leaves!
 We ended the tour with some SWIMMING in chilly refreshing water.  
 oh canada

 HOW AMAZING does this look!! It was THAT amazing... mmmmm nothing beats crepes and real maple syrup!

Montreal training camp starts tomorrow... gotta mentally prepare for TRAFFIC jams and stuff, but I feel pretty well rested to get back into some iron pumping.

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