Saturday, October 8, 2011

hello fall!

For the past few years I've missed the fall colours because of ski camps.... so this year when I saw our schedule I was overjoyed that I would be able to spend part of fall in Tremblant in the middle of the woods and colourful leaves!!  Apparently I missed the "peak" last weekend, but this weekend is still very beautiful, sunny, and colourful!!! I can't wait to go exploring today!!! Kayaking and hiking are on the schedule... but first, here's a taste of what's up.
 I only arrived up north yesterday because I spent 3 days at home doing NOTHING.  And by nothing I really mean NOTHING. I barely left the house, I procrastinated from reading with just staring, and I CHILLED.  Although my book (the 2nd Game of Thrones) is awesome, I was still too lazy to even just read it.  Anyway, I snapped out of it last night when I arrived up here.  It just shows how much ski-camps at altitude really take everything out of you.  I pushed really hard until the last run on the last day and then I CHILLED.
So, while procrastinating from staring, I decided to organize my old desk, see what needed to go, and de-clutter my life!! I stumbled upon (THE REAL LIFE VERSION! haha ie. some gems from the past.  Here's my "ski journal" from 2003 in Les Deux Alpes..... I was already a coffee-addict, and I seemed to be working on basically the same things as back then!!
 Another sweet stumble-upon find.
 AND Tremblant!!! At sunset, the colours and the lake were beautiful.
 early morning dew on spider webs.....
 mist clinging to the lake.
 but slowly getting burned away by the sun!!
It's gonna be a beautiful day!!!!!

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