Wednesday, August 17, 2011

lots of SNOW!!

We woke up to THIS a couple days ago..... (Mp thinks this picture is lame....) sorry.

 The hill was closed, Queenstown shut down... and we slept in and went for a BIG breakfast!!!!
 had some snowball fights.........
 Checked out the candy shop!
 And hung out with some local snowmen....
 After two days of intense snowstorms and sleep-ins we finally got back on the hill today!! The ruts were INTENSE!!
 After riding some ruts and getting some pretty good slalom training in, we had a PHOTOSHOOT! MP et Mitch above Queenstown and the Lake Wakatipu?.
 hahah heheh hihihihih 
 strike a pose!
 awwwwww bffs
 And then we had a 360 photoshoot!!!!!!
It's nice and sunny again and the snow is getting harder thanks to our coaches WATERING the whole hill tonight!! The last three days should be sweet!!

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