Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm getting better at Ultimate Frisbee!

I have a few pics left over from Roundhill, but we've been skiing on ICE in Coronet for the last 2 days! It's been tough! 
Here's a look back at last week.... keeping up our boxing skills on snow!
 Larisa and Mully overlooking Lake Tekapo.
 happy return-from injury friends!
 JUST BEN-ZEE-NEES and you will ski amazingly.
 follow it up with some bundle-squats!
 MP finally got it on her back!
 DO some bundle CLEANS!

Anyway... we did some funny pics of us pretending to workout with some gates... 
THEN we came to COronet where I finally found Marco!!  
We're both busy with skiing, dryland, video and other meetings, but it's really fun to hang out when we can! And take the t-bar together! yeah!
It's been challenging getting back into the steep and icy courses but patience is my motto for the summer and things are coming together. Day by day for now!  My ultimate frisbee skills seem to be improving! And i finished reading The Count of Monte Cristo... And I've eaten a ton more kiwis! yummmm!

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