Saturday, August 13, 2011

LOTS OF pictures and lots of funnnnn!!

We've had epic weather for the last 3 weeks and today it unfortunately changed! It's DUMPING!!
We've had some awesome days of slalom and GS training up until now, and we're taking a day or two off to avoid the bad weather and rest up!  Here are a couple pics from the last few days!

 7:30am, up on the first t-bar.... the sun's just touching the peaks in the distance.
 One last little warmup before our first run of 12 in slalom!
 Eve's super stoked!
time to focus........   Mitch ready to CHARGE down the ICE.
 way way way later in the day, 12 runs later... it's SUNNY everywhere and Eve's ripping on last run in the distance...(she's the closer one who looks AMAZING.)
 marco! hanging out in the lift line!
 Mitch strappin some skis.
 AND THEN... afternoon dryland!! playing in the park before warmup!
 This morning was a little different. The clouds had arrived and a storm was looming...
 Eve, pret pour attaquer le GS with some serious landscape craziness in the background.
 lakes, mountains, sun, clouds, farmland..... beauty before the storm.

 Hey Hugues! Show me how to ski!!!
 BEN-ZEE-NEES! Hugues arcing.
 ERIN! ripping GS. looks like there's clouds above and below her... trippy!
 Eve was going so fast that it was blurry!! (and the storm has arrived...)

 Jim! happy with the day, packing up the bundles of gates.
 American boys in SPANDEX!!!!! Marco and Steven. so hot right now!

And then we had an autograph session with the local racer kids! SKI FAST! GIVER.
There were some cool reflections going on last night with the pond and the night-skiing lights at the hill.... it was hard to get a sweet picture of since I had no tripod and it was really dark....BUT it was cool, so I hope this will do!
I'm excited not to wake up in the 5's tomorrow and have a relaxing day off!!

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