Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Climbing, paddle boarding, and lots of fun visitors!

Another awesome week of old and new activities has flown by!  Chelsea visited, Rena visited, my parents are visiting and it's been fun to show everyone all the fun things to do around here!
Before all of the visits, Marco, Emily and I biked up behind Spooner Summit towards Highlands peak or something???  Anyway, long ride, beautiful view!! No fancy cameras for such long bike rides, but the view of Tahoe from up there was one of the best!
Apart from becoming a yogi, I've also been trying new activities!  Thanks to Emily and Michelle I got to break in some of my "new" climbing gear up on Donner Summit.  It was challenging but FUN!
Em was showing us how it's done.
 Looking back down onto Donner Lake
 Michelle rocking some sweet moves!
 And another new activity was paddle boarding!! We got together with a crew (including my parents) and SUP'd on Tahoe yesterday morning.  It was beautiful and amazing.  Looking down into the clear clear blue water gives me greater appreciation for Tahoe and it's beauty.
 Our SUP team!! Thanks Ana and Paul for being the photographers!
 ready to dominate

 Megan and the puppy!
 Jesse and the puppieS!  Yeah!
 Thanks so much to Anik and Jay for letting us play and sip delicious coffee at their amazing paddle board, coffee and all other water sports haven Waterman's Landing.
 Group shot!!

But seriously, check out Waterman's Landing if you are ever in Tahoe!!!!

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