Sunday, May 20, 2012

loving truckee summer

We've been so busy lately doing as many sports as possible: mountain biking tons, jogging along the river, golf, hiking, and some slack-lining!!  It's been awesome knowing that we have lots of time to enjoy Truckee this summer!  
One thing I am trying to take more time doing is COOKING.  This recipe is AMAZING, and doesn't really involve a lot of cooking.  It's quite similar to the Buddha Bowl at Communitea in Canmore  (which I am obsessed with) but the recipe I have is from Em Brydon out of her copy of Whitewater Cooks.  I have one of their other cookbooks and it's amazing.  
ANyway if you are looking for a super yummy healthy salad here it is!!
I forgot to add that I actually I only use 1/3 cup of Olive Oil... NOT 1 1/2 CUPS OF VEG OIL. ew.  not needed.
Otherwise here's some pics from our adventures around Truckee this week:
4 dollar golf round at Ponderosa golf course because of their 50th anniversary!
Rockin the pink clubs, pink hat and pink shoes!

 Hiking up Shirley Canyon, checking out the hollowed out by fire trees.  According to something I just googled on the internet this is what they are called: Goose Pens are where the base of a redwood has been hollowed out by fire, but the top of the tree is still thriving.  These openings are so large that, in earlier days, settlers in the West could corral their livestock in them, thus giving the goosepens their name.

 very cool!! I wonder who and when this one was made hollow.
 climbing up and up and up, out of the forest and into the vast rock landscape.
 made it up to Shirley Lake and we were surprised to see that it was still half frozen!

 look of SHOCK at how cold the frozen lake was.
 maybe this summer I will finally conquer this thing?!?!?!
 still a few months to practice....
 and there was the eclipse.  I have no clue how people get pics of it... but the reflections in my lens showed it!! So at least I can see that it happened... ha
that's all!

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