Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just a day in Beaver Creek!

Mitch and I are both here in Beaver Creek to cheer on our men and have a little break from skiing!
Today was the first training run for the Downhill and we soaked up the sun while waiting to see the guys fly off the final jump into the finish.

 The day started with some TWEETS about the cancellation on Val D'Isere and the replacement HERE next week!  There will be a mens GS, womens SG and mens Slalom starting next Tuesday!  Very cool!
Matt and Mitch were sending out some twitter info the minute we all found out!
 Erik coming through the finish line.
 Erik's sweet goggles!

 Course report for the rest of the guys....
 Marco jumping!!! blur fail. trying to make something cool but just doesn't work out with a fixed zoom lens.... oh welL!
 le finish area.
 Some of the guys on the bus down from the finish....
 Shawn with all his ROSSI's.!!
 An arrow pointing at Andrew's.....what?
 Unstrapping and wiping down the skis.... look at all the skis!!!
 And the coolest pair by far!! For Austin!!
It's nice to have a little break to rest and refocus for the upcoming races!  Loveland didn't exactly go the way I had hoped, but I left there feeling really good on my skis and confident for some more races.
AND congrats to MP! She won the NorAm GS today in Aspen.

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