Thursday, November 24, 2011

just another walk in the woods... Colorado Style!

We arrived in Colorado a couple days ago and have benefited from the icy hard training here.  It's been really fun to get back on ice and feel some speed in slalom.  We've been living in condos so I've been occupied in the kitchen lately!! Cooking up pizza+dough, the lime-coconut-sweet potato soup, and salmon with crushed pineapple.  YUMMY! I love cooking, espeically after two weeks of buffet food.
Today was a day off so I went for a walk to get some fresh air away from the Disney Thanksgiving marathon on TV....

ASPENS in prep for being in Aspen tomorrow! 
gnarled gnarly tree
 flowing creek under a blanket of snow.
 ICE forming on the shore of the creek....crazy patterns!
 thin ice
 sun setting, crazy sky.
 all the trees have been "vandalized..."  Like bad graffiti in nature.

 A little birds nest!!
 one can never have too many locks.....??? 
 Christmas lights..........

 At the end of my walk, I ran into Jay RUNNING 29mph!!! CRUSHING the speed limit!! crazyy
 Goodbye little creek! One more day of training and then off to Aspen!  Race is in three days!!!

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