Monday, November 28, 2011

Aspen recap and some norams!

Yesterday I raced the world cup slalom in Aspen and I came in 20th place!  I had some really great moments, especially my first run starting from bib 44 and coming into 8th place.  The second run was half great, and then half SLOW.  It's unfortunate, especially since at the halfway time (the split time) I was ranked 6th, but then I held back on the bottom and didn't let it run which bumped me back to 20th place.  I'm pumped to know that I'm back in the hunt for some great results, and there's a lot to be learned from the second half of my second run. It's a sweet feeling to know that I am fast and can be right in there, and it's also sweet to know that there is so much more to gain from a 20th place result in world cup.  
Right now I am working on getting back into the top 30 and lowering my FIS points which got bumped back after injury status last season (which explains bib 44).  We're in Loveland for the norams to try and get some points, but unfortunately this morning I straddled!!!! Oh well, it's all part of ski racing and I'm already excited for tomorrow's race and the rest of the season.  

Here are some pics from Alpine Canada: the first is Pentaphoto and the second is thanks to Erin's photographer dad Andy Mielsynski!
 credit: pentaphoto
credit: Andy Mielzynski

AND a few pics from watching second run of the GS race cheering on MP!
A random collage from the big screen and finish line...
the start, the middle, and the END!
 taking a picture while having a picture taken.
 Frank and Tom in the finish with us!
 See you tomorrow again aspen! I'll be racing the Nor-am GS's! 


  1. Awww Anna it was sooo exciting seeing you yesterday in the wc again. I've to admit that I am such a ski-freak. I watch every womens race on the one side in the internet, because I love chemmy's commentary on british eurosport (she is always cheering for the canadian girls ) and on the other side I watch it on the austrian channel with meissnitzer's comments. You did so well, I'm looking forward to the races on 18th/19th in France...btw I loved your pictures of the christmas lights in Couchervel last year. Keep up with the good work. All the best for you and the canadian girls. Last but not least, I adore your blog, it's really fun to read and of course your talent for photography <3 Love from Austria

  2. THank you so much for your comment Tina!! And I agree, Chemmy's commentary is awesome!