Thursday, April 19, 2012

mtn biking, skiing & ski touring!! fun in tahoe!

Fun times in Tahoe!! Mountain biking, skiing and ski touring are some of the activities keeping us busy!
 Rockin out on the chair to my music backpack!
 more reflections with Eben
 Lake Tahoe in the distance... amazing!
 But the MOST AMAZING part of the day was the ski-in ski-out starbucks halfway down Squaw!! I was a happy skier!
 my favourite landmark! dead tree

 sooooo much posing!! but such a beautiful spot & day!

Back to ALASKA.... a few final pics from the last day
 Macho Man was there!
 and one of my truckee podium domination teammates nate holland!
 watching CRAZY jumping snowMACHINING tricks from the RV
 ridiculously insane
 drive back to anchorage...
 MOOSE EVERYWHERE! i think I saw 6 total!
 And the final, grossest part of the trip... emptying the tanks!!! eww
Anyway good times!


  1. i've never heard of a slope-starbucks in my entire life. so cool :) x

  2. This skiing stuff is all well and good and I truly hope you are having fun. But I worry that your cribbage training may be suffering for it. FOCUS!