Friday, August 3, 2012

whirlwind tour

Since leaving Whistler and my SKI SISTERS behind, I headed South back to the States!
Bye Ski Sisters!! That was sooo much fun!
check it out!
SKI SISTERS 2012 from anna shona on Vimeo.

I went from skiing in Whistler to skiing at Hood with a little pit-stop in Portland with Chelsea!
We shopped a little too much at Powell's books.
sweet bike rack

we ate healthy and did yoga.  awesome.

And then we were off to Hood!
Keely's camp for girls! "conquering the mountain one girl at a time"
It was so much fun to hang with Keely, Katie, Jess and Chelsea!
hiking and swimming
cooool beautiful Oregon trails.
pro setters.
Hailey Duke!! Our lane was right beside Independent Ski Racing.
Olympic inspired Synchro!
just beautiful.
FUN with the ladies
 fire sun on the way back to california
 charging donner pass this morning!
 coffee tasting this afternoon!
summer continues to fly by.

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  1. summer continues to fly by...beautifully with Anna-Awesomeness!!!