Tuesday, June 12, 2012


after another fun week in tahoe filled with activities and sunshine, I headed NORTH for my first "real" job: coaching for Erich Sailer at the Erich Sailer Ski Racing Camp in Mount Hood!

Pre-roadtrip last minute paddle boarding!
 The journey to Oregon.... lots of different cool landscapes!
 Lots of National Forests.
 Getting closer!
 Another cool mountain
 And finally, Mount Hood!
 We had an amazing first day of skiing and a rainy day today.  Despite the rain, the athletes pushed through and we ended the day with lots of success and smiles!  It's been really fun so far and challenging in new ways.  I like it!
 PLUS I am surrounded by the beauty of Oregon.  Trail running yesterday for dryland was breathtaking.  We were surrounded by lush, dark, green, thriving forest.
 Flowers everywhere
 And droplets all over from today's rain.

Although I've been LOVING waking up in California every morning to sunshine, it's nice to see some rain and all the green that comes along with it!

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