Sunday, June 16, 2013


This past week of coaching and training at Erich Sailers Camp in Hood has flown by.  There's been tons of sun, some rain, some clouds, and never-ending entertainment and laughter.  Check it out!

Oregon is beautiful.  Here are just a few pics from walking around the hotel.

Pics from the HILL!  Training up on Mt. Hood.

 The coaches!
 Marco Rocks!
 some days are amazing... some are not  - but we make the most of whatever we have.
 some days we drive up and out of the fog
 Rockin my new ANNAGOODY hat and #IGOTSWAGG
 Sarah and baby Resi!
 She is adorable!!

So much fun - such awesome kids - and tons of amazing skiing!!
What a week!  Now onto week number two!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mt. Hood!

Back on snow and it feels great!
I'm here for two weeks coaching with Erich Sailer's camp.  The kids are awesome and super motivated, some of them did 29 runs today and yesterday!!  To top it all off, we had cross-fit for dryland yesterday and running up to Mirror Lake today!  It's a fun and busy atmosphere - I've managed to do some runs in the courses and things are feeling good!  It's nice to be back on my skis trying to go FAST!

 Before leaving for Hood - bbq yuminess!!
 Last week in Montreal!  I went home to meet up with my amazing "patch" sponsors who treated myself, MP, Mitch, and Jeff Frisch to a delicious dinner at Joe Beef! YUM!  A huge thank you to all of them!
Pic from jogging along the Lachine Canal.
 Back to HOOD!
Sunny, hard snow, windy, SLALOM.
 The clouds were coming in and out, but we managed to avoid all bad weather!
 At the top of the Mirror Lake hike!
 And finally, a picture of some of the SWAG you can get if you donate to my "road to Sochi."
SO STYLISH!  Thanks to Alpine Promotions for designing and creating these beautiful fashion statements!!
Wake-up call's at 5am, so I'm off to bed!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

THIS is why I love Utah!
We've been to all five of the parks, have you!?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

#roadtosochi announcement!

I officially announced my UN-RETIREMENT last week! After many hours on the computer putting the new site together (sorry for switching the blog url...) and lots of help from my family and friends, I decided that the time was right and I should start fundraising ASAP!  I'm super excited about my plan to race the full World Cup circuit next season with the goal of having a career-defining performance in Sochi.  I am doing it on my own program and trying to fundraise $20,000.00 through donations and sponsorships! The support so far has been amazing and I am halfway there!

Also, I officially finished school last week and I am now a proud sophomore! No more freshman status for me! :) The crazy thing is that I am headed skiing next week ALREADY!! Hood for a couple weeks, followed by Whistler for a month, and back to Hood!  I'm  super excited about coaching and training and just being back on snow ripping sweet turns.

Before all the pics from the last few weeks, I need to MAJORLY thank Alpine Promotions for making this beautiful logo for me, soul poles for supporting my "benefits for donating," and my family, friends, and fans who have donated on my new site
Everything helps and is greatly appreciated for the #roadtosochi!

 My biggest form of training this summer so far has been MOUNTAIN BIKING! I can't get enough of it.  The trails in Park City are amazing and there are always people who love to tag along!

 After many bike adventures, I left town for Memorial Day weekend and met up with the Robinsons in Santa Barbara!
We had an amazing long weekend of beach time and volleyball!
Love these ladies!
ocean fishin
 waves and giggles.
 amazing friends.
farmers market excursions.
goodies from the market.
long walks on the beach :)

scary ocean things.
less-scary ocean things.
more scary ocean things! Curt caught a shark!
sunset surfing
sunsets on the deck
full moon-rising
Santa Barbara was short and sweet.  It was amazing to play in the ocean again and be surrounded by wonderful people.  We missed Marco though!!!!! THanks again to the Robinsons for sharing the love!
Back to SLC to finish off May Term in school and get back on the BIKES!
Keely reflecting after a ride up!  :)
Concerts in the park! Edwarde Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros! So much funnnnnnnn.
Utah Rules!!

Crazy month of May will definitely be followed by an even crazier June and July! Can't wait for all the adventures!!!!
Thanks for reading and supporting the #roadtosochi
You can check out a sweet interview that FISALPINE posted here!

Monday, May 13, 2013

this that and the other

The last two weeks have flown by between visiting Sun Valley, starting school again, and then visiting Dubois, Wyoming!
Sun Valley was beautiful!
we hiked
 checked out the oldest chair in the world

 best friends reunite!
 And.... back to Salt Lake and back to SCHOOL.
After school dusk riding has been awesome.
 flowers are blooming and everything is GREEN.

After our first week at school, Marco and I went to help Chelsea paint and create a yoga studio for her retreat at Jakey's Fork, Wyoming.
 It was an amazing place with amazing landscapes right outside the door!
The Shine OM yoga retreat will definitely be magical.

Speaking of magical... a crystal cave!!
 It was crazy and awesome.  Like nothing I've ever seeN!
 Marco chilling in the crystal cave.
 glow yoga crystal cave style.
 And a Massive crystal in a creek, marking the spot.
 Dubois was cool and we did some great renovations and had some fun activities.
The drive home was beautiful!!!
 We drove through Jackson Hole.  The Tetons were amazing.

THat is all.  Back to school and back to the gym this week!